GeoAgro GIS Tools

More friendly. Easier.

We build GIS tools that are simple and easy to use. We adapt GIS tools to the needs of agriculture, allowing more users to access geographic information, and to use the full potential offered by maps for agricultural business management. 

GeoAgro´s GIS tools have different levels of complexity to respond to multiple requirements. They are constantly improving, accompanying new challenges of incorporating technology into productive activity.

Meet our GIS tools. They make everything easier.

GeoAgro GIS is a GIS desktop application designed specificaly for agriculture. It can be used to organize and analyze farm and field information, to create farm machinery (seed planters, fertilizers, yield monitors) control files, and to create maps and reports.

GeoAgro GIS is:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • An efficient and useful tool to manage maps for farm management
  • Compatible with GPS devices, seed monitoring devices, and variable rate applicators
  • Backed by a traning and support team ready to help you


FARM 360

Farm 360 is a web-based GIS platform that allows you to access your maps from anywhere using the Internet. Your information is securely kept in "the cloud". It is simple to use and no previous GIS knowledge is required.

Farm 360 allows you to:


  • Locate your farms and fields
  • Display maps
  • Produce reports
  • Share information with other people in your workgroup



G-Note is a GIS that works on mobiles devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Using the GPS in mobile devices, G-Note allows you to collect location-aware information while at the field, including:

  • Soil samples
  • Crop pests and disease monitoring
  • Crop stand counts
  • Crop monitoring

All collected information is location-aware, and it can be uploaded to Farm 360 or to GeoAgro GIS, where it can be integrated with the rest of your farm information.  

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